Thursday, December 16, 2010

Peoples Center Holiday Party

New Haven Peoples Center
Holiday Party

& Recognition to Celestino Cordova

Sunday, December 19 from 1 pm to 3 pm

37 Howe Street, New Haven

You are invited to the New Haven Peoples Center holiday party and recognition of Celestino Cordova for a lifetime of public service and leadership to improve the quality of life in the Puerto Rican community and for all people.

To reply, please leave a message at 203-624-8664 if you will attend
and if you can bring a food item to share.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Gathering of Old Men / Free 2 Spit

Hosted by Baub Bidon on Friday, December 3rd from 7 to 10 pm at the Peoples
Center, 37 Howe St, New Haven CT. Open mic and double feature!

In the novel "A Gathering of Old Men," by celebrated Louisianan author Ernest J. Gaines, elders from the black community rally together to protect their own in the face of prevalent racism. It is in that spirit of coming together that we call all folk to another powerful poetic installment of Free 2 Spit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Potluck Supper at the Peoples Center

Friday, September 24, 2010
5:30 p.m. 37 Howe Street

Please come to a potluck supper initiated by a group
of Yale undergraduate students who would like to
collaborate with the Peoples Center.

Share a meal, get acquainted, exchange ideas and

Bring a main dish, salad, veggies, or dessert if you can
Bread and beverages provided.

RSVP to this e-mail or leave a message at (203) 624-8664

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sign up Now - Oct 2 - One Nation Working Togrther

Organizing has begun for the historic march on Washington on Oct 2 - One Nation Working Together, which brings together labor, civil rights, faith based, youth, peace and many others who have been part of the grand coalition for progressive change in our country. This initiative comes on the eve of the mid-term elections, at a critical time when the need for job creation is at the top of the agenda. Leave a message at the Peoples Center if you would like to reserve a seat on the buses which will leave late Friday night and return late Saturday night. The call to the rally is below. The One Nation website is:

"WE BELIEVE everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream — a secure job, a safe home, and a quality education.

ONE NATION seeks to transcend our superficial differences and bring
us together in a common quest for equal opportunity and justice for all.


We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream — a secure job, a safe home, and a quality education — but banksters and corporate lobbyists have made off with trillions of public dollars while small businesses can’t get loans and cities are laying off teachers, police, and firefighters.

In this time of economic crisis, it is easy for fear-mongerers to pit groups against each other and to find convenient scapegoats for the problems that plague us.

ONE NATION seeks to transcend our superficial differences and bring us together in a common quest for equal opportunity and justice for all."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tax Abatement Committee Hearing

The turnout for the Peoples Center at the Tax Abatement Committee hearing was awsome, and the testimonies were so moving and inspiring. Pushes us forward to do even better. At the end the committee voted unanimously to recommend to the full Board of Aldermen that our tax bill be forgiven (erased). Will keep you up to date for the next steps of this journey. Thanks and congrats to all.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Celebrate the 75th Birthday of Social Security

Presentation by CT Alliance for Retired Americans

-- What are the threats to Social Security's future?
-- How can we save, improve and expand Social Security?

Special Guest Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

Birthday cake and ice cream

Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Place: New Haven Peoples Center
37 Howe Street, New Haven, CT
(203) 624-8664

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Join the Solidarity Caravan!

Support District 1199 Nursing Home workers, on strike since April 15.

Now in the fourth month of their strike, almost 400 nursing, dietary and housekeeping workers are standing strong against Spectrum Healthcare, a local company that is trying to bust their union. The workers demand a fair contract (like 40 other homes have agreed to), safe workplaces and quality care for residents. You can help them win their fight. Join the Caravan on July 24 and sign up for other activities!

Saturday, July 24 from 9 am to 1 pm
Leave from the Peoples Center, 37 Howe Street

Go to Ansonia (Hilltop Health Center and
Derby (Birmingham Care Center)

How to help:
Ride with us! Sign up at
Donate material aid: Bring non-perishable food items
Contribute: to 1199 Strike and Defense Fund
77 Huyshope Ave, Hartford 06106

Public Hearing - Save Our Peoples Center - No Taxes

The Tax Assessor of the City of New Haven has changed previous policy and is charging property taxes to the Peoples Center. The Peoples Center is an all-volunteer, non-profit building whose mission is to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities to the community. It is owned by Progressive Education and Research Associates, Inc. The Assessor says taxes are being charged because other groups are located in the building. Housing grassroots and community groups is what the Peoples Center is for. This ruling jeopardizes the Peoples Center's future. The Peoples Center is a unique place that makes a big contribution to our city. Everyone should be concerned.

Come and show support at the Board of Aldermen hearing
Monday, July 26 at City Hall
Come early at 6:00 pm and bring friends
"No taxes on the Peoples Center"

Have you enjoyed activities at the Peoples Center?
-- Research Library
-- First Friday Cafe / Free 2 Spit poetry
-- Immigrant workers' center
-- Crisis Information / Action Center
-- Union solidarity
-- Meetings of peace, youth, tenants and many others
-- Family and social gatherings
-- Film showings and concerts
-- Celebrations of African American History Month
-- Census information
-- Student activities
-- Art and historical exhibits

37 Howe Street, New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 624-8664
website: email:

A site on the CT African American Freedom Trail

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ruth Emerson, Civil Rights Leader

Judges and lawyers, professors and educators, family and friends all spoke fondly of Ruth Calvin Emerson at the celebration of her life held at the New Haven Peoples Center on June 26. Ruth's enthusiastic and principled ways came through in many stories and remembrances from her youth to her last days at Hamden Health Care and Hospice where she passed away on April 25, 2010.

Together with husband Thomas Emerson, a Yale Law School professor and Constitutional scholar, Ruth devoted her life to the defense of civil liberties and support of the movement for civil rights and workers' rights. She served on the board of the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (now Defending Dissent) and many civil rights organizations.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 8, 1921 Ruth was one of five Girl Scouts to represent the United States in an international meeting in Switzerland in 1938. She graduated from Oberlin College, and served in the Women's Army Corps, Signal Corps from 1944-1946, stationed in Fort Myer, Virginia and Fort Dix, New Jersey. She then attended Yale Law School, one of only six women in her class of 160 to graduate in 1950.

Ruth began work as an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board in 1950. During the McCarthy period purges of progressives, she resisted pressure to resign pending completion of a Loyalty Board investigation. The Loyalty Board exonerated her in 1953 and Ruth resigned shortly thereafter.

Ruth returned to Connecticut where she practiced law briefly and then became a teacher. She was an early practitioner of Words in Color, an innovative method of teaching reading developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. She taught in New York City, at the High School in the Community in New Haven and as a tutor. Ruth believed in subordinating teaching to learning and the active involvement and awareness of the student. She was a strong advocate for children and for working families.

Al Marder, president of the Peoples Center, recalled Ruth's famous whistle on many picket lines and emphasized the significance of Ruth's memorial being held at the center. Acknowledging those present from the Law School, he said, "Yale would surely have opened its doors, but it is most appropriate that Ruth, who was committed to the working class, should be celebrated here in a working class center."

Ruth was married to Thomas Emerson for 31 years until his death in 1991. He was a preeminent First Amendment scholar who combined scholarship with Supreme Court litigation in defense of civil rights, and participated in the defense of Communists during the 1950's. Marder spoke of Tom Emerson's involvement in the first court ruling declaring the Smith Act unconstitutional. "With his involvement, we in Connecticut were the first in the country to be exonerated," he said to applause, recalling the arrests of hundreds of working class and civil rights activists for their leadership in the Communist Party in the 1950s.

Speaking in appreciation of Ruth, a professor emeritus said that he made sure that Tom Emerson's portrait was hung in the most important classroom at the Yale Law School to give a message to the students.

Ruth was well known for her brief and powerful letters to the editor of the New Haven Register and was an ardent supporter of the People's World. In 2006 she co-founded, with Sherman Malone and others, the Connecticut non-profit, Haiti Marycare to support two pre-schools and a rural health care clinic in Haiti.

-- Joelle Fishman

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebration of the Life of Ruth Emerson

Family and friends invite you to the Memorial Service for Ruth Calvin Emerson to be held on Saturday June 26, 2010 at 2:00 pm at the New Haven People's Center, 37 Howe Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511 (Phone 203-624-8664) Ruth passed away on April 25, 2010. Her staunch and enthusiastic commitment to a more just and peaceful world is a wonderful example for all time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CT Retirees Keep Eye on Spending Panel

Don’t Cut Social Security to Lower Deficit, Retiree Leaders Say.

Cal Bunnell, President of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, is encouraging Connecticut retirees to pay close attention to a new federal commission meeting for the first time today in Washington.

The panel, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, is a bi-partisan group charged with recommending ways to lower the federal debt, a goal Bunnell and the CT Alliance fully support. But Bunnell says he is deeply concerned that some are urging the panel to recommend changes in Social Security as a major way to reduce the federal deficit.

“If the commission takes a thorough and honest look at Social Security, it will see one of our nation’s greatest success stories. Social Security has helped generations of retirees stay out of poverty. Connecticut retirees want to make sure that Social Security remains strong for our children and grandchildren,” Bunnell said. He also noted that for over 25 percent of retirees, Social Security is their only source of income. With an average monthly benefit of only $1,164, he said that Social Security is, “a tenuous lifeline for many seniors.”

Bette Marafino, Vice President of the CT Alliance, said that Social Security did not cause our large deficits. She said that since 1983, American workers have paid enough Social Security payroll taxes to accumulate a $2.5 trillion surplus in the Social Security Trust Fund. But that between 2001 and 2006, Washington gave away $2.48 trillion in tax cuts.

To help retirees better follow the panel’s work, the Alliance for Retired Americans has written the Commission to urge that its work be conducted in open, televised sessions and that it hold field hearings across the country to allow public testimony.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Day March for Immigrant Rights and Jobs for All

March with the Peoples Center banner on May Day for immigration reform and jobs for all. Gather at Grand Ave and Front St at 10 am. March to Federal Building for a rally. Stop the raids! Stop the profiling. Reform for legalization and equal rights. Call 203-624-8664 for more information or to sign up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

CT Allaince for Retired Americans Meets Mar 26

The Peoples Center is a chapter of Alliance for Retired Americans.

Below is a notice of a special meeting of the CT ARA on Mar 26 from 10 am to 3 pm at the AFT offices in Rocky Hill. We will carpool. If you would like to attend, please leave a message at 203-624-8664.

See meeting notice below.

The CT Alliance for Retired Americans is 53,000 members strong. When this large number is mentioned at legislative hearings, public meetings and media contacts, it never fails to impress. However, this number alone is not enough to show the impact of our voice as we articulate those issues that are important to us as retired persons and to our families, including our children and grandchildren.

The key to our strength is to “organize.” Our purpose in organizing is three fold:

1.) We must organize to defend and improve the quality of our lives for ourselves and our children.

a. Right now, health care, Medicare programs and Social Security are under attack and we must be knowledgeable of and ready to speak to those issues.

2.) We must organize to recruit and develop volunteers, leaders, and activists in our local communities, and on the state level.

a. We want our members to clearly understand the issues for which we advocate and become involved in our advocacy.

3.) We must organize so that our CT Alliance is always bringing in new members.

a. The cliché “there is strength in numbers” is very true. We need to be able to communicate this to our members, so they will be encouraged to get involved and get active.

Organizing around the issues is our first goal. To that end, we are having an information and training session so that members can learn of the legislative issues that are our priorities, understand the implications if we don’t win on these issues, and plan strategies for achieving our goals.

We have planned an important meeting;

When: 10 A.M. Friday, March 26, 2010
Where: AFT CT offices at 35 Marshall Road, Rocky Hill, CT

Bob Kearney, ARA National Field Mobilization, will inform us on the national issues that effect seniors, and experts involved in the Connecticut struggle for services including falls prevention, Alzheimer Respite Care, Senior Dental services,
and Long Term Care will inform us on those issues.

The general membership meeting begins at 10 a.m. The information and training session will begin at 11 a.m. and end by 3 p.m. Lunch will be provided.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March for America - Sun Mar 21 Bus to D.C.

Immigration Reform for New American Families
Economic Justice for All American Families


This is to invite you to participate in a bus trip and rally in Washington DC at no cost. You can be a part of the large "March FOR America" calling for immigration reform and economic justice for all families.

I attended a meeting yesterday at City Hall called by Mayor DeStefano. He is leading the New Haven mobilization to Washington DC on Sunday, March 21. Many church groups, community, youth and labor groups are involved as is Unidad Latina en Accion. The Peoples Center has been allocated one bus, and ULA has been allocated two buses.

Will you be one of the 50 people to travel with the Peoples Center? The bus will leave from Gateway Community College at Long Wharf at 6 am on Sunday, March 21 and will return to New Haven by 11 p.m. on the same day.

The election of President Barack Obama and the shift in Congress has unlocked many doors. It is up to the grass roots to push those doors open and walk through. Let's go together to the nation's capitol on Sunday March 21 and send a unity message that can get the ball rolling.

Please reply by Monday, March 8 (International Women's to reserve a seat on the Peoples Center bus. Call 203-624-8664.

Information from the March organizers is below.

In Solidarity,

Immigration Reform for New American Families
Economic Justice for All American Families

March 21, 2010
Interfaith Service at 1 p.m., March at 2 p.m.
National Mall
Washington, DC

Join thousands from across the country for the March for America in DC on March 21st to demand that President Obama and Congress keep their promise to enact comprehensive immigration reform for new American families and insist that
they act boldly to make the economy work for all American families.

We will give the President and Congress no choice but to act. For information on how you can participate, visit

Join our cell phone action network by texting “JUSTICE” to 69866 to receive the latest updates on the March for America and the fight for immigration reform.

March for America is organized by hundreds of grassroots organizations nationwide.

Here are just a few of the national organizations sponsoring the March For America:

America’s Voice
Asian American Justice Center
Casa de Maryland
Center for American Progress
Campaign for Community Change
Coalition for Humane Immigration Reform of LA
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
Ecumenical Advocacy Days
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Interfaith Immigration Coalition
Fair Immigration Reform Movement
Jobs for America Now
Mexican Americans for Immigration Reform
National Council of La Raza
National Immigration Forum
National Korean American Service and Education Consortium
United Farm Workers
US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Intro to Marxism in Today's Economy

You are Invited.....

Want a better understanding of the economic crisis and the way out? How does capitalism work? What is socialism all about?

Introduction to Marxism in Today's Economy

Discussion leader: Art Perlo

Four or five sessions each held in two sections (one on Sat and one on Thurs) every other week beginning:

Sat Mar 6
9 am to 11 am

Thurs Mar 11
7 pm to 9 pm

to be held at:
New Haven Peoples Center
37 Howe Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Please sign up by Thurs Mar 4.
Call 203-624-8664 and indicate which section you will participate in (Sat or Thurs).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Working together for Justice Competition Deadline Feb 12, 2010

"Working Together for Justice" African American History Month Arts and Writing Competition for High School students deadline Feb 12. Artwork, poetry, essay or song. Requirements: Artwork paper not larger than 12"x18". Essay, poem or song not longer than 2 pages. Entries must be received by Feb 12, 2010. Include name, e-mail address, phone, school, age. Mail to: New Haven Peoples Center, 37 Howe St, New Haven, CT 06511. (203) 624-8664. Cash prizes and gifts awarded Sunday, Feb 28 at 4 pm at 36th annual African American History Month Celebration sponsored by People's World.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haitian Poet D. Colin at Free2Spit Fri, Feb 5

First Friday Cafe / Free 2 Spit
It means Freedom of Expression

Host: Baub Bidon

at the New Haven Peoples Center
37 Howe Street, New Haven
Friday, February 5th at 7 pm
Feature: D. Colin
$5 - no one turned away
Information: 203-624-8664

Baub says, "This is a show that
you don't want to miss!
D. Colin is a Haitian/Ayitian
Writer, Poet Praise Dancer/
Humanitarian who recites the
truths and rawness of life. Go
tell it to all your friends
and come through. Poetry is
relative to today's struggle."

Emergency Rally to Save health Care Reform

Emergency Rally to Save Health Care Reform
Health Care for America Now (HCAN) Connecticut and MoveOn
are sponsoring anemergency rally to save health care reform.

There is no piecemeal approach to reform -- we cannot
eliminate denial of care because of pre-existing conditions
unless we mandate coverage for everybody. We can't impose
mandates unless we subsidize coverage. We cannot subsidize
coverage without taxing those who can afford to pay.
Mandating coverage and taxing low and middle income
families is a cruel joke on us and health insurance companies'
dream. Insurance companies will win and we will lose.

Our Connecticut delegation (except for Lieberman) has done
great work so far on health care reform. We cannot allow
President Obama, Majority Leader Reid & Speaker Pelosi to
cave in because it's hard. John Larson has risen to Rahm
Emanuel's leadership position within the Democratic caucus.
We need to send a message to Obama, Reid & Pelosi
to stand up for us and stand up to the health industry!

The event details are:

Emergency Rally to Save Health Care Reform
Congressman John Larson's district office
221 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010, 5:00 PM