Friday, October 30, 2009

Celebrating National Hip Hop Month

YO! This is also our anniversary. Thank you all!!!

Anyways, we will be holding FREE 2 SPIT, Sponsored by In The Cut Magazine; on the first Saturday for the month of November. Come help us celebrate National Hip Hop Month. We have MCs who really know Hip Hop and how to spit it well.... they will be in the house. The names will come as we confirm. We will have a dope DJ in the house. Breakers and Poppers are welcome to come through. For those that know... how many elements are there in Hip Hop, and can yah guess what the plus 1 is... yesssir; eye will definitely be doing a set.

If yah got some real hip hop pics, videos, feel free to post them... anything lil besides mamma will mysteriously get deleted. Anything that exploits women, will be purposely deleted... if yah know Hip Hop, yah hear me.

-- Baub Bidon

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Call Congress for Health Care

The Crisis Information Action Center at the New Haven Peoples Center is hosting a phone call event on Sat Oct 17 from 10 am to noon.

Bring cell phones and call neighbors and friends asking them to call Congress in favor of strong health care reform.

The House and Senate are now blending their committee bills. The insurance companies do not want a public option and are spending millions of dollars on tv ads and robo calls with lies that Medicare coverage will be cut and that rates will go up. Help set the record straight. Talk with your neighbors and friends to call Congress for a strong health care reform now.

This event is in coordination with a phone call campaign by Organizing for America

Saturday, Oct 17
10 am to noon
37 Howe Street, New Haven
Refreshments will be served

RSVP to 203- 624-8664

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Identity of the Americas

"Do You Know the Difference Between Conquering and Defending?"

A Second Festival for the Identity of the Americas

Friday October 16 at 6 pm
New Haven Peoples Center
37 Howe Street, New Haven
Free admission

Book discussion with author Robert Whitaker, "The Mapmakers Wife"
Documentary "History of American Violence"
Round Table discussion with special guests
Live Music
Latino DJs and party

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


October 7th is National Call-in Day for Health Care Reform

Call toll-free at
Join Alliance for Retired Americans members across the country and call your member of Congress now on health care reform!

During the coming weeks, the full United States Senate and House of Representatives will debate and vote on health care reform. We must tell them we are counting on them to make Medicare, prescription drugs, and health reform work for us.

Congress needs to hear from us in loud, strong voices. We’ve seen how the big drug and insurance companies are already trying to stop health care reform.

Call today and ask your members of Congress to enact health reform that:

· Has a public plan option. It will make coverage more affordable, make private plans more competitive and drive quality improvements in the health care system.
· Does not tax health benefits. Taxing benefits could actually cause a reduction in coverage, and it would penalize retirees, active workers and employers who have coverage.
· Allows 55-64 year old retirees to buy into Medicare at affordable premiums. Five million Americans need this coverage now.
· Closes the Medicare doughnut hole. Seniors need drug coverage all year long.
· Includes the CLASS Act (S. 697 and H.R. 1721). It is an important first step in addressing long term care needs.
· Eliminates Medicare Advantage overpayments.

For more information on participation, please call: 1-888-373-6497, option #1, or email

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Enough is Enough!

It’s a crime that insurance companies rack up profits by denying patients treatment even when doctors
recommend it, by discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions, and by keeping premiums and
out of pocket costs high so that care is unaffordable even for those who have insurance.
Enough is enough!
Join Health Care for America Now at these October events:

Declare UnitedHealthcare a crime scene
Thursday, Oct 8 at 4:30 pm
450 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford CT 06103

Join us to thank Anthem CEO Larry Glasscock
Friday, Oct 16 – National Boss Day
time and location to be determined
Expose the truth about CIGNA

Thursday, Oct 22
time and location to be determined
for more info contact: 860-995-3389 or

Trick or Treat at health insurance executives’ homes
Thursday, Oct 29 – Halloween event
time and locations to be determined