Friday, October 30, 2009

Celebrating National Hip Hop Month

YO! This is also our anniversary. Thank you all!!!

Anyways, we will be holding FREE 2 SPIT, Sponsored by In The Cut Magazine; on the first Saturday for the month of November. Come help us celebrate National Hip Hop Month. We have MCs who really know Hip Hop and how to spit it well.... they will be in the house. The names will come as we confirm. We will have a dope DJ in the house. Breakers and Poppers are welcome to come through. For those that know... how many elements are there in Hip Hop, and can yah guess what the plus 1 is... yesssir; eye will definitely be doing a set.

If yah got some real hip hop pics, videos, feel free to post them... anything lil besides mamma will mysteriously get deleted. Anything that exploits women, will be purposely deleted... if yah know Hip Hop, yah hear me.

-- Baub Bidon

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