Wednesday, October 7, 2009


October 7th is National Call-in Day for Health Care Reform

Call toll-free at
Join Alliance for Retired Americans members across the country and call your member of Congress now on health care reform!

During the coming weeks, the full United States Senate and House of Representatives will debate and vote on health care reform. We must tell them we are counting on them to make Medicare, prescription drugs, and health reform work for us.

Congress needs to hear from us in loud, strong voices. We’ve seen how the big drug and insurance companies are already trying to stop health care reform.

Call today and ask your members of Congress to enact health reform that:

· Has a public plan option. It will make coverage more affordable, make private plans more competitive and drive quality improvements in the health care system.
· Does not tax health benefits. Taxing benefits could actually cause a reduction in coverage, and it would penalize retirees, active workers and employers who have coverage.
· Allows 55-64 year old retirees to buy into Medicare at affordable premiums. Five million Americans need this coverage now.
· Closes the Medicare doughnut hole. Seniors need drug coverage all year long.
· Includes the CLASS Act (S. 697 and H.R. 1721). It is an important first step in addressing long term care needs.
· Eliminates Medicare Advantage overpayments.

For more information on participation, please call: 1-888-373-6497, option #1, or email

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