Thursday, July 12, 2018

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July 12, 2018

To the Family of Lois O'Connor,

With love and solidarity to the family of the wonderful Lois O'Connor, a beloved warrior for the people. She was fearless and knew how to fight for the rights of women, working people, and all disenfranchised. Her leadership improved the lives of countless people across our state and nation.

Lois always kept her family at the center of her life.

We cherish the many occasions when Lois participated in events and activities at the Peoples Center and all her support and wisdom. On a personal note I will always remember the steadfast support that she gave to me in every endeavor and the wonderful lunches we enjoyed together.

In the name of Lois O'Connor we carry on today to protect and expand the basic human rights to which she dedicated her life.

Joelle Fishman, Coordinator
New Haven Peoples Center

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